About Us

Vision and Mission

All Muslim Association of America (AMAA), Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1989. Its mission is to establish and maintain a cemetery and a funeral home. Its vision is to provide low-cost burial and funeral services to the Muslims living in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.

Currently, AMAA provides burial service including land. This does not include funeral home charges. However, AMAA’s goal is to establish and maintain a funeral home so the overall cost of burying your loved ones can be affordable.

Board of Directors

AMAA directors offer open door policy to the community members. You can make your voice heard in our monthly meeting or provide your valuable feedback via email, phone (see below), website, or our facebook page. AMAA board consists of twelve (12) members (All volunteers), four (4) officers and eight (8) regular members. Below you will find the names and the contact information of the board members.

– Aftabjan M. Khan
Email: president@amaacemetery.org
Vice President – Mossadaq Chughtai
Email: vicepresident@amaacemetery.org
Treasurer – Saad Cheema
Email: treasurer@amaacemetery.org
Secretary – Ehsan Baig
Email: secretary@amaacemetery.org

Ejaz Ahmed (703-980-0684)
Rafi Ahmed
Razzaq Chaudry
Sikander Javed (703-360-6282)
Javaid Kausar
Sharif Tarar
Mohammad Younis (240-230-2848)

Operations Manager:
Muhammad Khan (703-822-3372): Please call this number for any burial arrangements or needs.

* Directors listed above can be reached via email at info@amaacemetery.org