Ongoing Maintenance Expenses

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AMAA currently has the following ongoing expenses that help maintain and run the cemetery. Please consider donating to help us to continue serving the Muslim community in the DC/MD/VA area:

1) Cemetery Landscaping and Maintenance (Ongoing Expense – Estimated Cost: $6000 per year)

  • Cemetery landscaping is an ongoing effort which includes landscaping, mowing grass, trimming around grave sites, adding dirt to grave sites and picking up the trash.

2) Equipment Maintenance (Ongoing Expense – Estimated Cost: $1500 per year)

  • AMAA owns two backhoes and a lawn mower. All these require regular maintenance which costs us about $1500 per year.

3) Portable Restroom (Available since July, 2011 – Monthly Cost: $146 per month)

  • Based on community’s feedback, AMAA realized the need for a restroom on premises. In January 2012, we contracted with DonsJohns to provide us a portable restroom at a monthly cost of $146 approx. The portable restroom is located next to the entrance gate.

4) Annual Financial Audit (Annual Expense, Cost: $4000 per year)

  • For AMAA, transparency is not a mere word instead it is the organization’s responsibility to the community. To achieve financial transparency, AMAA’s financial books are audited by an independent certified auditing firm.

5) Operations Manager and Facilities Manager (Ongoing Expense, Monthly Salary)

  • Due to increased work load, AMAA hired two individuals from the community. The organization pays them a salary at the end of the month.