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Future Projects

1) New Cemetery Construction

Our new Muslim cemetery is more than 70% completed alhamdulillah. You can see the current progress in the pictures below.

Quarterly Construction Update 3/2023:

  • We are in the process of paving the ground and gate area
  • A handrail is scheduled to be installed on the property
  • Most of the electrical installations have been completed
  • Seeding is on the horizon and we plan to finalize in a month or two
  • We have started the selection process for a new gate and fence
  • Rock excavation has been finalized and will begin soon

2) Future purchase of 30 to 50 Acres of Land – Purchase Price: To Be Determined
Around the corridor of Route 28, between Ashburn and Manassas Virginia.

  • Please donate to AMAA, Inc. for purchase of this piece of land around the corridor of Route 28, between Ashburn and Manassas Virginia. This site is going to serve ever increasing Muslim community around this particular area. AMAA wants to make the purchase as soon as possible and have it zoned for cemetery before the local zoning and land use regulations become more challenging for cemetery use.
Proposed Area

3) Establish a Funeral Home

  • AMAA has future plans to operate its own funeral home with full services of washing and preparing the body for burial at its new cemetery which is currently under construction.

Completed Projects

1) Water Supply for Cemetery (Completion Date: July 2016)

  • Currently, AMAA Cemetery does not have water on premises. One of the brother from Mustafa Center pledged donation for Water Well project, which will be installed once we receive Stafford county’s permission.

2) Walk Stones around graves (Completion Date: May 05, 2013)

  • On a rainy day, it gets really muddy and very inconvenient to walk around the cemetery. A northern virginia family took notice of it and donated walk stones to make it easy for cemetery visitors. A few brothers organized a Facebook event and about 35-40 volunteers showed up to install walk stones.

3) Backup Backhoe (Date Donated: April, 2013)

  • Additional backhoe enable us to provide burial service without any interruption. Before April 2013, we had only one reliable backhoe and rented out a backhoe in case ours is not working. A backhoe in a good working condition was donated by a brother to help us improve our service.

4) Parking Lot Pavement (Cost: $35,000 – Completion Date: December 2012)

  • The cemetery’s parking lot and pathway to grave sites was filled with gravel. In 2012, AMAA board members approved the asphalt paving of parking lot and the driveway/pathway to grave sites.

5) Shed for lawn mower and tools (Cost: $13,000 – Completion Date: July 2011)

  • To protect AMAA’s equipment and tools from severe weather, AMAA built a shed for storage.

6) Large Backhoe (Cost: $22,000 – Purchase Date: December, 2010)

  • In December 2010, a brother donated a small backhoe to the organization. To ensure a service without any interruption, AMAA acquired a large backhoe at the price of $22,000.

7) Purchase of 2.5 Acres of Land
1566 Garrisonville Road, Stafford, VA 22556

  • AMAA, Inc. purchased this piece of land in Stafford , VA next to 1508 Garrisonville Road, Stafford as per the organization’s vision to expand the cemetery.


8) Purchase of 45 Acres of Land
1508 Garrisonville Road, Stafford, VA 22556

  • AMAA, Inc. purchased this piece of land in Stafford, VA as per the organization’s vision to expand the cemetery to meet the future needs of Muslim community in the area.